Oh! The Ecstasy

by Amique

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released December 29, 2014

Produced, arranged, composed and performed by Amique

Engineered, recorded and mixed by Darrin Blaize
Mastered by Mike Cave

Photography by Robin Clewley
Design by Jordan Abraham



all rights reserved


Amique Liverpool, UK


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Track Name: Just Babies
ALL Art is mans exploration of 2 things; his relationship with God (the creations relationship with the Creator) and his relationship with the self (his attempt at understanding himself and why he exists)
Every piece of art is rooted in these 2 elements and is about these 2 things (huh..er...right?)
Track Name: Mercy Light Exposure
?...thgil si tahw ycrem si tahw...ydaer s'ti nehw tcapmi tsepeed eht esopxe ot nwonk ,ylleb ruoy fo gninil eht pu em werht ytsan pu thgiarts pu em nrut-laer saw ti thguoht I )psag( niaga em desitonpyh uoy pu em ekaw noitanigami ruoy fo tuo efil eht kcuf pu thgiarts pu uoy llaB ?daeh ruoy ni gnimmiws nam luftsul a dna deb ytpme na fo tniop eht s'tahw...ym llik t'nod ragus...thginot sruoy s'ti epan ym nopu deoottat egassem eht daer uoy tel ll'I deelb em ekaM krow thgim taht esle gnihtyna dna selpmet ym bur tsuj ll'I uoy llac ot enohp a deen t'nod I ay no erusopxe thgil ycrem ti dekcuf ylraen pu delruc ti koohs pu thgiarts ti koot tsuj uoy dna uoy nopu mhtyhr ym esopxe I thgis fo tuo er'ew ssenkrad eht ni em knuf nac uoy thgil si tahw ycrem si tahw uoy rof gnilwab thgiarts uoy rof gnilwarc eb ll'I thgirla er'ew wonk I litnu uoy no seye ym yal ot gnitiaw thginot selcric ni gniklaw eb ll'I...laes ht7 eht kaerb annaw uoy won dna eno eht ssorca delbmuts yllanif ev'uoy nos ht7 a fo nos ht7 eht laer emoceb snoitanicullah lla litnu uoy dnilb d'I em ot esolc teg dluoc uoy fi
Track Name: Emancipator
Life is a mystery/So we'd better learn to have some fun
& if you keep on testing me, you're gonna feel the power of this funky bomb
Backstabbers...headteachers of a foolish old school
Sidewinders...trying to party in my house like I'm a fool

But to the beat of my very own vibe/I'm the exception to the rule as long as I'm alive...

I'm the Emancipator-an architect of something one trick ponies couldn't ride
And I rebuke the hater-cuz when this bass line hits the life in your groove dies
I'm the Emancipator-plug your way out of my groove I ain't got time for critics of this light
We'll only devastate ya-I'm a hard working man you'd better spell my name right (HCIMA...EUQIMA)

Turn your back on me...call it love while you drip burning honey in my ear
The fire alarm is beeping-what a warning sign the devil must be near...
Track Name: Pancakes
30 miles to Xanadu...I saw a light up ahead/shrouded in mystery...sheer ecstasy and harmony swimming in my head
Such was my fear of rejection/I could not confess this love
But the love that thing gave me when I looked him in the eye...(was) pure intervention from the man above...

Truth in an hourglass, divine intervention, my baby knows what to do
An exaltation I'm adoring, psyche worth exploring, after your pancakes baby I'm through...
No need for confession baby...
your guilt remains your greatest prize
On Ecstasy we're dawning, pancakes in the morning and destruction of your every disguise

Don't get too excited he said...as I thumbed for another ride
As pretty as this face may be (erm...) wait and see what's inside
A carthatic (what?) surprise took over
I screamed, I'm finally free
Now we can speed this sit up if you like...but them gearsticks ain't got nothin' on me...